Monthly Newsletter How Low Will it Go? – Monthly Newsletter – November 2022 It’s Not Easy to Predict The market is not always easy to predict but looking back at the last 40 years of cycles in San Francisco real estate can provide perspective. The big picture shows the typical market dip at 10 – 11%. The greatest real estate downturn since 1984 happened during the subprime mortgage crash, from 2008 – 2011 when home values in […]
San Francisco Real Estate San Francisco Real Estate Districts and Neighborhoods When searching for real estate in San Francisco it is helpful to know which districts include the neighborhoods you are targeting. San Francisco Real Estate Neighborhoods and Districts: District 1: Richmond, Jordan Park, Lake Street, Sea Cliff, Lone Mountain District 2: Golden Gate Heights, Sunset, Parkside District 3: Ingleside, Lake Shore, Lakeside, Merced, Oceanview, Pine […]
Prop19 Repellant for Your Property Tax Increase: Prop 19 Thinking about moving? Prop19 is a repellant for your property tax increase! Just a few of the Benefits of Prop 19: –       Transfer of the property tax base of an existing home to a new home anywhere in California. –       Allowing the transfer of the property tax base of an existing home to a new home regardless […]
Monthly Newsletter Get it While It’s Cool – Monthly Newsletter – September 2022 San Francisco Buyers stay Vigilant New listings are down significantly, which means the competition continues for properties that are prepped and priced to sell. Savvy agents know how to position their listings for multiple offers. If you find something you like within your price range — grab it! Median Price Down 10% for Single-Family Homes! Comparing […]
San Francisco Real Estate Anne Laury Record Transactions Anne Laury Record-breaking Transactions  1627-29 Beach Street, represented the Seller, $4.9M, record price for a two-unit building in the Marina. 1828 Vistazio, represented the Buyer, $1.6M, best price (least expensive) house with a view, in the best location in Tiburon. 1854 18th Avenue, represented the Buyer, $930,000, rare find; won the bidding war with cleanest […]
Monthly Newsletter Summer Breeze in a Hot Market – Monthly Newsletter – July 2022 The Market Now: Stabilizing Prices, Fewer Transactions, and Potential Profits for TICs Amid signs of cooling off, home prices in San Francisco pointed towards stabilization in the second quarter. The average price per square foot crept 1% lower than the first quarter. Despite rising interest rates and uncertainty in financial markets our housing market remains strong. […]
Covid-19 Impact Covid-19 Impact on Condominium Sales in San Francisco Covid-19 Impact on Condominium Sales in San Francisco by the Numbers Click here to view San Francisco’s Real Estate Districts by number and neighborhood. Median Price YTD compared to 2019 The chart above shows the median price for a condominium in each real estate district of San Francisco. It compares prices from March 1, 2020 […]
Monthly Newsletter Changing Market – Monthly Newsletter – May 2022 In the United States, mortgage rates are two percentage points higher than a year ago and mortgage applications are down by 12%. The Mortgage Bank Association predicts fewer home sales in 2022 than 2021. What does that mean for the Bay Area? Like everywhere, we are living in fear of a recession, and the reality of inflation. Fewer […]
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Monthly Newsletter 42% Fewer Homes Available – Monthly Newsletter – February 2022 Waiting for Spring! Like many potential Marin and San Francisco homebuyers and sellers, we are eagerly awaiting the spring season! Why? Because spring is usually the time of year when available inventory is at its high point and buyers are ready to commit! Just 486 new listings hit the San Francisco market in January 2022, […]
Monthly Newsletter Buyer Opportunities in a Sellers Market Musical Chairs in San Francisco — When will it Stop? The results are in, and they are remarkable. Lives are changing, people are moving and placing more value on their homes than ever. In fact, 48% more condominiums and 20% more single-family homes sold in 2021 than in 2019 (before Covid-19). Not only is inventory turning faster, […]
Covid-19 Impact New Listings at All-time High Massive Movement in the San Francisco Housing Market New listings are at an all-time high and there is unprecedented activity in the residential housing market! For buyers, that means more choices than usual when it comes to finding a home. However, in San Francisco, both buyers and sellers benefit when more inventory is available. Buyers […]
Covid-19 Impact COVID-19 Produced a 40% Increase in Home Sales Home prices are up by 40%! Compare April 2021 to April 2019, which was before the COVID-19 pandemic reeked havoc and shut the city down, the number of properties sold is up by 40%, and available inventory is up by nearly 40%! This indicates there is still far more demand than supply — it is […]
Covid-19 Impact Home Sales in San Francisco: September 2020 vs September 2019 Home Sales in San Francisco: September 2020 vs September 2019 The San Francisco housing market is moving fast! The number of single-family homes sold in September 2020 was up by a whopping 83% from September of 2019! The number of condominiums sold went up by 56%. The median price for a single-family home climbed by […]
Covid-19 Impact French Morning: The Impact of Covid-19 on San Francisco Real Estate French Morning: The Impact of Covid-19 on San Francisco Real Estate Despite Covid-19, the housing market is very active and prices for single-family homes remain at a premium. Low-interest rates are luring more first-time buyers. Far from the expected tumble, the market is rising. You have to look hard to find significant decreases so far, […]
Covid-19 Impact San Francisco Real Estate Six Months into Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place San Francisco’s housing market is always interesting to watch but six months into the Covid-19 shelter-in-place, it is full of surprises. In June 2020, the record was set for the highest median sale price ever for single-family homes — a record-breaking $1,805,000. On the flip side is the condo market. The median price for condos […]
San Francisco Real Estate San Francisco Real Estate February 2020   Market Overview: San Francisco Real Estate February 2020 The median list price for a single family home in San Francisco is $1,495,000 or $1,153 per square foot. There are 530 homes on the market, which is a 7% increase since just last month (January 2020). This year, the Bay Area median home price is […]
San Francisco Real Estate Record Sale on Russian Hill Record Sale on Russian Hill: 1059 Vallejo Street, also known as the Pineapple House, sold for $6,200,000 on December 31, 2019. Anne Laury and Joel Goodrich represented the seller in this record transaction, at $2,230 per square foot, the highest dollars per square foot ever in the neighborhood. Its lush tropical gardens, private swimming pool, […]
San Francisco Real Estate Bidding Wars All Over the City Sluggish Real Estate Markets in the Bay Area? Not in San Francisco. The housing market may be slowing in some parts of the Bay Area, but it is still strong in the city of San Francisco. First-time buyers are feverishly competing for available homes priced from one to two million dollars. Be Ready for Bidding Wars […]