Southern Marin

Rising from across the Golden Gate Bridge, Southern Marin is a gem of coastal living.

Welcome to Southern Marin

A health-forward community nestled in the Bay Area

Rising from across the Golden Gate Bridge, Southern Marin is a gem of coastal living. Complete with qualities like natural beauty, mild, warm temperatures warmer than its neighbor, San Francisco, and a commitment to excellent lifestyles, the area is full of uniquely striking neighborhoods and suburbs sure to appeal to any taste.

One of the original counties of California before it achieved statehood, Marin’s deep history is just one of the reasons people love it. Given its easy access to San Francisco and connection via major roadways such as the 101, Southern Marin is an unforgettable Californian destination.

​​​​​​​Today, Southern Marin is full of attractive architecture in numerous styles designed to make an eye-catching area even more compelling. Most popular styles include Victorian, Spanish, Split-Level, Mediterranean, California Ranch, and Mid-Century Modern, all of which lend their bright, stately ambiance to the city’s atmosphere. Enchanted by gorgeous surroundings and delightfully warm weather, Southern Marin is home to many families and retirees.

Things to Love

• Marin is rated one of the top five counties in all of California.
• Wide variety of options when it comes to location, from small towns to peninsulas.
• Emphasis placed on the natural beauty of the outdoors and water.
• Highly involved communities who are proud of their towns.
• A welcoming atmosphere to newcomers.
• Biking and hiking throughout the mountains.

Local Lifestyle

A very welcoming area, Southern Marin is surrounded by beautiful land and seascapes, ideal for the fitness and health-forward lifestyle its communities value. Locals enjoy beaches, sports, and athletics, not to mention outdoor life as a whole. Home to excellent healthcare and ample shopping and dining opportunities, Southern Marin is an ideal destination for anyone seeking the amenities and locale of a major city without the chance of the hustle and bustle running you into the ground. On the contrary, Southern Marin’s balmy temperatures, friendly communities, and gorgeous surroundings are nothing but welcoming and rejuvenating no matter who you are.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Southern Marin is only a short drive from some of the best restaurants in San Francisco or the gorgeous rolling hills of California’s wine country, but it has a lot more to offer than just its prime location.

Southern Marin’s neighborhoods offer an abundance in the way of dining and shopping. The waterfront views of Belvedere/Tiburon make its patio seaside dining that much more delicious, while Mill Valley enjoys countless options in the way of shopping, from home decor to luxury styles to chic boutiques.

Larkspur, another excellent city in Southern Marin, is home to many incredible restaurants and dining opportunities. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Corte Madera, where the shopping opportunities are endlessly enticing. San Rafael, Marin’s county seat, is no stranger to delicious eateries — it has opportunity aplenty when it comes to the restaurant scene.

​​​​​​​Things to Do

The true splendor of Southern Marin’s outdoors is difficult to comprehend. Beyond even that, Southern Marin’s involved communities ensure that there is always something to do.

Take advantage of the scenic value found in expansive glittering water by taking a ferry ride to San Francisco — where even more activity awaits! Speaking of waterfront views and ferry rides, unless you have your own ferry, Angel Island is only accessible by two places: San Francisco and Tiburon, in Southern Marin. Ensure you don’t miss the jaw-dropping beauty of this island by hopping on a ferry.

Harkening back to simpler days, the verdant outdoor space of Blackie’s Pasture is so named for the iconic horse that once swayed back and forth in that exact spot for decades — so much so that the city’s first mayor had a statue erected and a park named after the horse, all in its honor. Ring Mountain, on the other hand, is recognized internationally as a premier outdoor destination, home to some unique wildlife found nowhere else in the world.