San Francisco

San Francisco is dotted by gorgeous houses among peaceful green spaces and a lively downtown.

Welcome to San Francisco

A world technology leader settled among gorgeous natural views

Home to a little bit of everything and a great sense of adventure, San Francisco is a beacon of the United State’s metropolises. Defined by jutting hills lined by trees and stately, attractive houses, more comfortable temperatures than other Californian locations, and its place as a tech leader, San Francisco is Northern California’s cultural, commercial, and most populous hub.

Replete with coastal vistas, elegant homes, striking high-rises, and a wealth of green spaces, San Francisco is known world-round for its stunning aesthetic and amazing surroundings. From the sophisticated beach living of the Bay Area to the electric downtown lifestyles, San Francisco can offer it all.

​​​​​​​The houses of San Francisco walk a careful line of distinctly San Franciscan while existing in a wide array of variety and tastes, making it the ideal city to find a picture-perfect home. Originally challenging due to the city’s unique geography, the architecture that eventually flourished and became famous throughout the nation lays claim to many different styles. Influenced by Spanish, Mediterranean, and some technology-forward modern styles, San Francisco is dotted by gorgeous houses among peaceful green spaces and lively downtowns.

Things to Love

• Rich history and exhilarating culture
• Involved sports base right in the city
• Luxurious and upscale opportunities for any occasion — dining, shopping, hotels, and more
• Breathtaking waterfront views and natural sights

Local Lifestyle

Known for its rich and diverse culture, San Francisco is one of the United State’s most populous cities. Complete with famously unique landmarks — want to check out a real-life Twin Peaks? Or the iconic Chinatown Gate? — and a vibrant community ready to embrace the future (while, yes, grumbling about technology in their own way), San Francisco offers a lifestyle unlike any other. The tech hub of the entire nation, San Francisco’s economy is robust and stable, and the options for renting or buying are numerous and sure to suit any number of tastes. A flawless destination for families, young professionals eager to be close to the action, or retirees seeking the gorgeous surroundings, San Francisco is for everyone.

​​​​​​​Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

Home to over 800,000 people, it’s no wonder that San Francisco’s dining and shopping scene is bursting with opportunity. Renowned for its seafood, international cuisine, luxury shopping, and cute boutiques, the city abounds with options.

North San Francisco is chock-full of elite destinations of a wide variety. Union Street, for example, is home to countless specialty shops and delicious places to grab a bite to eat before heading over to another great location, the melting pot of international cuisine at Polk Street. The west is home to such great locations as the Richmond District and Clement Street, and West Portal, while the south enjoys neighborhoods like the European-feeling Noe Valley or Glen Park.

Of course, the Financial District of San Francisco has its own claim to fame. In addition to the abundance of top-tier dining and shopping opportunities, this area is unique because, unlike most cities, San Francisco is built on top of sunken ships dating back centuries, many of which are found in the Financial District. Usually marked by a plaque, these hidden treasures of history only make the skyscrapers that much more striking.

​​​​​​​Things to Do

There’s never a reason to be bored in San Francisco, and that’s just the way the city likes it. From stunning views to cultural mainstays and too many museums to count, San Francisco is a hub of activity, inviting everyone to have fun.

Originally built in 1915 to exhibit works of art, the Palace of Fine Art is now an utterly beautiful and unique structure built to host the best events throughout the city, whether that be a wedding, corporate event, or community festival. It also makes a great backdrop for any photo opportunity or outdoor stroll.

The parks and green spaces of San Francisco are numerous, which is especially important when you consider how lively the interior of the city is. With a view of the expansive Golden Gate Bridge, Presidio Park is a must-see, while Mt Davidson Park is home to the highest point of San Francisco. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the spacious Golden Gate Park, which is the third-most visited park in all of the United States.


San Francisco is home to the San Francisco Unified School District, which serves tens of thousands of students and prides itself on quality education — some of the best in the country.